A lot of people listen to podcasts...

... and it's not just that, which makes podcast advertising so unique. 

When the listener is dialed in to a podcast, they're listening through everything. Each bad dad joke, to extremely hot or icy cold take, they're listening. 

So, why not put in a message highlighting your business? 


The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast isn't something that came out of no where. We're here, and we're here to stay. Currently, our rates are low for anyone who wishes to sponsor portions of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast. 


We're a growing show that continues to bring in Saskies of every kind to chat about the province, the sports scene, journalists and broadcasters talking about the industry, along with topics affecting Saskatchewan as a whole. 


We tie all this in together with genuine conversation from two born and bred Saskies!


If you do wish to advertise with us, send us an email at


Right now, we're looking for multiple sponsors for the following:


  • Title sponsor for the show

  • Segment sponsors

  • Multiple slots for advertising reads up to 1.5 minutes

We're also open to new ideas, and hope to work with you to highlight your message, and give it the ears it deserves. 

Rates right now are low, don't miss out!

Thanks for reading — and listening — to the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast