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AL2: FGs Instead Of TDs

In a last-second 22-19 loss to Calgary, the Riders find themselves in an interesting spot in the CFL standings.

LLP's Avery LeBlanc takes a look at what went wrong at Mosaic last Saturday.

What is the one thing we want as Saskatchewan Roughrider fans?

Obviously, we want to win, but we want to win BIG against teams like the Calgary Stampeders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. So far, neither of those have come to fruition. (Yes, I got it right this time!)

(We want the Grey Cup too, baby steps of course)

The first quarter began to look a lot like the last game the two teams locked horns — it was just a week ago, thanks, schedule makers.

The first play of the game went for a 71-yard touchdown pass. It was Bo Levi to Markeith Ambles.

Rider fans already had their head in their hands as Calgary started as fast as ever. Both teams would trade field goals before the end of the first quarter, so after a gruesome start, it was looking a little better than last week. But, were you confident in this team with 45 miles to go?

Some hope for Rider Nation would finally show up in the second quarter after both teams went back and forth with little production.

We're playing to win the game, not get a few bucks off pizza come the following week.

With 6:44 to go in the half, Saskatchewan made it to the end zone with a Fajardo touchdown strike to Ricardo Louis for 12 yards. At that point, tied it at 10 points each. After failed drives from both teams, Calgary would drive down the field and gain the lead again with a field goal with 1:05 left in the quarter.

The Riders managed to tie it up again with another field goal to end the half.

At this point, a lot of Saskatchewan fans are feeling good. It was a much cleaner half of football compared to last week, with the score making things much more entertaining.

Defense was the name of the game to kick off the second half of play. No points on either side until the 10:10 mark of the third quarter.

Of course, it was Calgary who would score a field goal.

The Riders had a tough time responding and they were forced to punt the ball right back to Calgary.

Just when we thought thinks were looking bleak ...

We did something!

Saskatchewan would force a fumble on the punt, taking over at the Stamps 26 — hope, it feels good.

At this point, every fan is thinking, “this is what we needed to win.”

Well, sorry.

The fumble would only result in a field goal after a Braden Lenius touchdown was taken off the board after a call to Toronto. The rest of the third saw no more points as the game was, again, tied at 16.

Saskatchewan was forced to punt at the start of the fourth quarter. Calgary would go to the air and hey, would ya look at that — another turnover!

The Nick Marshall interception, more hope for fans.

Another turnover in Calgary territory has to result in a touchdown this time, right?

... right?


Another turnover goes through the uprights for a field goal to give the riders a three-point lead. Calgary would knot it up with a field goal before the four minute mark in the quarter — because of course, they did.

Saskatchewan would get the ball back TWICE with nothing to show for it on the scoreboard.

And, with one minute to go, the Stamps easily drive down the field.

With no time on the clock, Rene Parades with a 39 yarder to win. As a Rider fan, any other kicker would have sufficed. But Parades?

Game over.

Then, hope in the form of another penalty by Calgary, pushing it back to 44.

But, Rene Parades.

The 44 yard field goal sailed through the uprights, crushing the Saskatchewan faithful.

The Roughriders’ flaws showed. An inability to score, even with favourable field position. The D was good, special teams were great — but, hard to win when the O can't move the ball, right?

Fumbles, picks, you need to capitalize on these.

And not just capitalize, great teams find a way to strike — with touchdowns, not field goals.

We're playing to win the game, not get a few bucks off pizza come the following week.

Now, Duke Williams is making his way to Saskatchewan. We’ll see if this is the player Saskatchewan needs to push the ball downfield.

Until then, let's enjoy a bye this week, and not try to look at the standings in fear.

This 5-4 team is barely hanging on to second place in the west. Let's hope — at this point, that's all we've got — they are back to top form when they head back to Calgary for Week 12.





AUTHOR: Avery LeBlanc

Avery LeBlanc is a creator, producer, and host of The Lang & LeBlanc Podcast. Born and raised on a farm near Wakaw, Saskatchewan, Avery is the morning on-air host with FOX FM in Yorkton.

TWITTER: @AirwavesAvez

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