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BL1: Introducing Truly, Saskatchewan from Brady Lang

Every week, the LLP will be coming out with columns from both members of the podcast, Brady Lang and Avery LeBlanc.

Avery’s Roughrider Write Up will be back Monday, while Brady’s new column: ‘Truly, Saskatchewan’ debuts today, and will be released every Thursday.

October 8, 2021

What’s in a name?

It took literally five seconds in total for us to decide that written content and weekly columns would be a part of LLP’s third season.

That was about a month or so ago. Since then, I’ve been racking my own brain, thinking of ideas for a name for this new weekly column.

Letters from Lang? Nah.

Living in the Land of the Living Skies? That’s wordy.

Brady’s Best? Nah, again.

SasKulture? Thought about it, but nah.

Truly, Saskatchewan was where we landed. It was actually a name of a segment we ran for maybe, a week or so?

So why Truly, Saskatchewan?

Well, we are a SasKultu… Sask Culture podcast. We talk about our province weekly in the show, along with all the ins and outs of this Prairie Paradise we live in. (Hm, Prairie Paradise, there’s a name)

Truly, Saskatchewan, it sounds nice. It sounds like the title of a column. We’ll go with it.

But, enough of me, going on and on about this.

This is my weekly column. It’s going to center around my life, what I see, what I do, what I hear, and it’s honestly a breath of fresh air to write.

We talked all about it this week on the LLP (yeah, that’s a shameless plug, get used to it) and had our first column roll out Monday. Avery’s going to do such a great job with it, I’m excited for you to read it!

Does that mean I won’t talk about the Riders? Not at all.

The Riders are a part of Saskatchewan culture, but so are so many things in this unique place.

Vico: it’s chocolate milk.

Bunnyhugs: some Saskies call this a hoodie, I’m not part of that crowd, but hey — it’s a part of the culture.

The Barn: it’s a rink. Likely a cold one, heh, the long-time Saskie’s will get it.

Cabaret: a social, but no one's gettin' married, and it's usually a fundraiser for a team, business or a town.

We have an interesting outlook here.

And I’ll bring this to you, every single week.

I haven’t written a column in a while, so if you see these rambling messages, just know it’s me shaking the rust off.

...Or it’s just my own writing voice readers will soon learn to love, hate, or at least get a laugh out of from time to time.

As everything here at the LLP, we’re in it for you, the reader, the listener, the average Sask beauty, from Wakaw to Balcarres and everything in between.

If this is the first time you’ve been on the LLP website, take a look around. Listen to a pod or two, we have 41 of ‘em so far, just give a quick scroll and I promise you’ll find a guest you know, and probably want to know a bit more.

We’ll keep bringing you these great Sask-based guests, week in and week out.

While you’re here on the site, you can also put an inquiry in if you’re looking to advertise your small town events. We’re community people here in Saskatchewan. Feel free to drop us your info, and we’ll put it on the pod.

If you’re a business, looking for an opportunity to get your name out there, we do that too. Our prices are cheap, and you never know who’ll be listening. Head to Advertise with LLP for more.

Now that I’m done with those shameless plugs, (I promised) let’s fly to the final part of this new column — yes, we landed on a name — ‘Saskie Salutes,’ where I’ll highlight a few buds who made a difference, in the week that was!

Saskie Salutes

  • We’ll start in Warman, a Saskie Salute to everyone involved in the SJHL Showcase. I spent some time the other night in a rink, just watching — not announcing — with one of our favourite FOTP’s, Mat Barrett. We thought — briefly — about a show from the stands, but that place was loud, and the action was too good to pass up

  • During that game, the Battlefords North Stars and the Yorkton Terriers were in a wild one — a 6-5 barn burner (in favour of the Stars) at the Legends Centre. Brayden Klimosko continues to just make the Battlefords one helluva SJ powerhouse. Mat keeps on me, saying Melfort’s the front runner this year. I’ll side with our other FOTP, Marty, and go with the Battlefords — they’re still the defending champs, btw

  • We also started working on new FOTP's out there ... you'll have to wait to find out though

  • Ain’t it great to talk about hockey? Let’s salute that in itself

  • It’s Thanksgiving weekend, wherever you’re heading, or if you’re just staying home — stay safe, Saskatchewan. We’re in a weird time in our province’s history. We get to take a step back this weekend, soak it in. If hockey’s already on the ice, you know we’re running out of summer

  • A salute to Avery, he has to deal with my constant texts, messages, phone calls, emails, all looking to make LLP better (I'll admit, some ideas would DEFINITELY make us worse) and add to the content we're rolling out. Season three was tons to put together, but it was fun, we're well on our way, and we're excited to give you the new and improved show, every single week

  • Finally, a salute to you, the listener, the reader; you made it to the end of this column. Hope you enjoyed it, there’s more to come — along with more Saskie pod content. We’re back next Friday for a chat with another past FOTP. Looking at your responses from their first appearance on the show, you’ll be happy, and you’ll learn a thing or two (another promise, trust me on this one!)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Saskatchewan, see you next week!




AUTHOR: Brady Lang

Brady Lang is currently the creator, operator and host of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast. When he's not producing, editing, creating and running the podcast, Brady is a part of the news team at 650 CKOM in Saskatoon, anchoring on Sunday evenings for both 650 CKOM and 980 CJME, and is a reporter and web editor for ckom.com and cjme.com. He's also the public address announcer for both Men's and Women's University of Saskatchewan Huskies Hockey programs at Merlis Belsher Place.


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