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EP38: Growing the Game, with Matt Dunstone

"Growing the Game, with Matt Dunstone" is the thirty-eighth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the eighteenth in the second season of the program.

This week, Matt Dunstone, skip of Team Dunstone joins the pod to chat all things Manitoba, curling for the other side, his young career on the curling scene, and some of the Saskatchewan nuances, such as bunnyhugs and cabarets.




INTRO, 00:00 to 06:26

Matt Dunstone, skip of Team Dunstone, 06:27 to 53:40

  • Introducing the 36th FOTP

  • First Manitoba guest

  • His career, from national Junior Champion to Saskatchewan, to Brier Bronzes

  • Influences in younger years

  • Giving back to the game

  • How has the game changed

  • Small-town Spielin'

  • Is it weird curling for Saskatchewan?

  • Fans back in the stands

  • Pandemic year

  • Looking at his schedule

  • The Olympic Dream

  • Brier or an Olympic gold?

  • Training, being a pro curler

  • Bunnyhug or Hoodie?

  • Social or Cabaret?

  • Saskatchewan Culture

  • Manitoba and Saskatchewan: actually similar

  • The Bombers

  • The Chicago Bears

  • 2019 Meridian Canadian Open

  • Playing in front of Saskatchewan

  • Adding FOTP Kirk to the mix

  • Baseball, the Jets, Basketball and Golf

  • Getting the younger generation into curling

  • The bowling model

  • The social aspect

  • Crokicurl

  • Advice for young curlers

LLP GET TOGETHER, 53:41 to 106:41

  • Polka week

  • COVID announcement (masking, vaccine passports)

  • The pandemic Podcast craze

  • Looking at Matt Dunstone's interview


  • Rider thoughts: Banjo Bowl

  • What the hell, Andre?

  • Riders are still in it; time to panic?

  • Cody Fajardo

  • Who's impressed the guys the most this year?

  • Where's Paxton Lynch? And Looking at Isaac Harker

  • Voting and the election Monday

  • Huskies season begins Friday

  • Back Country Golfing

  • Strasburg and Bulyea's "The Eddy"

  • The next few weeks of the LLP

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