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From Vaughan to Wilcox | Jamie Neugebauer

"From Vaughan to Wilcox | Jamie Neugebauer," is the forty-fifth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast — a part of the Saskatchewan Podcast Network. It's the fifth episode in the third season of the program.

This week, play by play broadcaster of the Notre Dame Hounds, Jamie Neugebauer stops by to chat with the guys. He walks us through his career, and his busy day-to-day, ingrained in the fabric of the Saskatchewan sports scene.


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Kickin things off 00:00 to 08:30

  • Avery DOESN’T lead with the weather

  • … The one week he probably should have

  • Nov 9, 2020 -- the blizzard

  • Rory’s on the clock

Jamie Neugebauer 8:31 to 56:24

  • His journey to Saskatchewan, and how he became a broadcaster

  • Jamie’s a busy man

  • Notre Dame and its history

  • Favourite barn in SK

  • Coldest barn in SK

  • A look at Ontario

  • Andrew Wiggins

  • Calling more than just hockey

  • Calling out Rory for missing the show

  • His chemistry with Rory

  • SJ at Noon

  • And waaaay more!

The LLP Get Together 56:25 to 102:14


  • Brady’s new “studio”

  • Dog River elevator burns down

  • Corner Gas

  • Moose mania … called it

  • Family Feud Sask family

  • Remembrance Day

  • Snowmeggedon 2020 (continued)


Give us your best life hacks for surviving the Saskatchewan winter


  • The exact same game feels

  • “The most deflating win (we’ve) seen in a while.”

  • What's with the CFL this year?

  • Harker or Lynch?

LLP Local Sports

  • High School playoff Football in SK

  • Huskies Update

LLP In the Community

  • Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Radiothon

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