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LLP25: Rink burgers, hamlets and hockey, with the Hunter Brothers

"Rink burgers, hamlets and hockey, with the Hunter Brothers," is the twenty-fifth installment of the Lang & LeBlanc Podcast, fifth in the second season of the program.

Two members of the Hunter Brothers, Ty and J.J., join the podcast to talk about all things Hunter Brothers, including their new music out on June 30, 2021. They also chat about their operation in Shaunavon, growing up in the community, the link between music and hockey, playing pancake breakfasts, and much more.


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The Saskatchewan Heat - 3:24

TrulySask - 6:40

The Hunter Brothers - 11:48- 64:37

The Lang & LeBlanc Get Together - 64:37 - 92:47

  • Working in country music radio

  • The Riders O-Line

  • The best pizza in Saskatoon

  • Saskie Slang

  • NHL Playoff Draft

  • The Stanley Cup Finals

  • Losing the heat record for Yellow Grass and Midale

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